What’s the harm?

Children spend 1/3 of their day at school, and are being exposed to an alarming number of toxic substances. Taking out toxic pesticides, including toxic disinfectants, can greatly reduce children’s overall exposure and improve schools’ indoor air quality (IAQ).


Non Toxic Schools aims to take toxic pesticides out of CA schools


Non Toxic Schools collaborating with other organizations to help schools easily make the switch to nontoxic disinfectants and choose safer   alternatives to toxic pesticides. Our pilot program is focused on the following:


    1. Provide parents with a toolkit to get their child’s school on board with taking out toxic pesticides in 2022
    2. Provide school administration detailed information on safer disinfectants and safer cleaning practices
    3. Help schools comply with Healthy Schools Act
    4. Provide expert, site-specific training on creating and implementing a sustainable IPM policy and plan
    5. Provide a useful database/resource hubs:
      1. to easily find CA counties and districts and their commitments to lowering toxics exposure
      2. all legislation related to toxics in schools at national and state levels
      3. with information on safe alternatives to toxic disinfectants and other pesticides, including specific product
        comparisons and where to purchase.