Nothing says Christmas more than the scent of a freshly cut Christmas tree and part of a fun family
tradition can be a trip to an actual Christmas Tree farm.

Unfortunately pesticides- insecticides and
fungicides- are commonly sprayed on these beautiful trees.

But this year you can avoid the cheap, and most likely pesticide-laden,
tree from the store, and support local, no-spray Christmas tree farms.

Did you know?

The word pesticide includes
insecticides, herbicides,
rodenticides, fungicides, and

Why Should You Care if Your Tree Has Been Sprayed With Pesticides?

Pesticides are detrimental to wildlife, plants, waterways, soil and our health. Not only does buying from tree farms that spray  contribute to harming our environment, when you bring that tree home, pesticide residue often remains on the tree-it can contaminate clothing, get on the skin, and also become airborne dust, which you do not want your family breathing.

Christmas trees are often sprayed with some of the most
toxic insecticides iii available because many farms are monoculture farms with only a couple types of trees grown, which increases the likelihood of pest problems and a great incentive to spray to avoid significant crop loss.

While plastic tree s contribute even more to toxification of our land and our bodies than sprayed real trees…choosing a real Christmas tree that has been cultivated naturally without pesticides (including harmful synthetic fertilizers) is really the only safe, healthy, sustainable

You can be part of changing the culture of the Christmas tree farm industry by buying real trees from farms that do not spray pesticides and letting your voice be heard about what matters to you. Demand creates the market. With increased consumer insistence, we may
begin to see certified organic Christmas tree farms.

To see where you can buy no-spray trees in the Bay Area and what questions to ask tree farms: Christmas Tree Farms